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Monday, 2 December 2019

Short Audio Books Where to Buy Pasha du Valentine

You can hear the newest short stories via the Goddamn Media App and of course through our affiliates, iTunes, Spreaker, Google Play, et al.
These platforms will have advertising as a way to fund the site but the good news is, you can buy them from Goddamn Media as singles and albums without the ads and for your personal library.
I will keep you informed as the process is time-consuming so it will take a week or so to update as the Library of Pasha du Valentine books is growing quickly.

Poems too will be available in collections.

I am keeping the shorts, short, as it were, so as they stay affordable and can be used for schools and performances easily.

Wife TV is on hold as things progress but you can watch the archives as always.

Have a great week Goddamners
Countess Pasha de la Mare du Valentine



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