Pasha du Valentine was born (Sarnia de la Mare) in 1962 in Helensburgh Scotland. She was educated at a boarding school in Surrey, Frensham Heights, which is renowned in media and art circles. It was at Frensham that a music and arts foundations would be built (although confined to the piano as cello was a later addition).

Pasha went on to study music and arts at an advanced level and was awarded a degree in Music and Visual Practice, BA (Hons) (University of Brighton), a Post Graduate Diploma in Music Theory (Open University), and a Master of Design, Film and Television (University of Edinburgh).

In the mid-2010s, Pasha launched the first Brogue Magazine in Brighton and set up the tiny Hush Gallery which was the precursor to the Brighton Arts Club (BAC), a not for profit multi-studio, gallery and performance venue facility for local practitioners in music, art, and spoken word.

The Minge Fringe exhibitions were curated by Pasha during these years celebrating women in art and set the tone of a series of artworks and projects to follow.

More recently, Pasha was awarded a generous grant for her groundbreaking exhibition 'Dominartist™' by Future's Venture in order to further her creative research and practice.

Goddamn Media, founded in 2005, continues to produce fine art prints from the portfolio. Pasha now conceptualises and produces soundscapes, audio soundtracks and compositions using digital and acoustic instruments for various projects, particularly film, performance and movement.

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'It is with great pride that I state my achievements despite adversity. I spent years making good my skills which were muted during years of financial and emotional difficulties. I studied hard for my degrees and consistently made enough money to bring up my family single-handedly, from school fees to their beautiful bedrooms, things got done.


But I am glad the struggles related to the years of mental and physical hardship are now history and I move on to put those skills into worthy practice.


My newest project is called The Journey. It fuses film, words, music and dance.

The piece will evoke a life of struggle, learning, acceptance and moving on. A woman's perspective of recovery from abuse, destitution and deep-rooted sexism.


The film, along with two others, Wife TV and The Anti-Pornstar, will feature in my new online feminist cinema here on the site.'

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