Fine Art Animal Prints and Merchandise by Pasha

Pets by Pasha was set up for animal lovers all over the world after the series of beautiful animal and pet portraits which took fans by storm.

Pasha has a wonderful playful watercolour style that fuses artistic skill with coulourful humour.

But it is the eyes that have it always and the skill of the artist shines through as the personality of the dog, cat, tiger, lion, giraffe and elephants, is evident in the shining pupils and wet noses.

The portfolio of animals is growing weekly as more clients join the ranks of pet portrait owners.

Here though, in the print shop, we have picked the favourites and working in close liaison with our affiliate printers, we can offer some gorgeous posters, mugs, cushions and even mobile phone covers.

A pet or animal portrait by Pasha is a gift you or your loved ones will treasure forever.

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