A Difficult Day in Paradise

I have been more than stressed out with the book edit today. The text is barely recognisable as my own after so many corrections and the software on the Mac Pro is the biggest pain in the proverbial .

I am beside myself to be honest and had a terrible IBS flareup.

I want to make art, not slave over repeated mistakes. So I am leaving it for a few days until I can stomach it. I was due for a counselling session but the GoPro editing only works on Airplane so didn't get the call. I felt a bit tragic after that as I have some safety concerns and I need to sort things out.

I will release some of the art and will do the text separately as a Kindle when I can face it.

In other news, I gladly received some music for cello by Mozart from a friend and I will spend tomorrow playing it.

Also, I am just uploading a clip from the Sonata for Women. It took me all evening to get it to upload as the 360 GoPro is proving to be a nightmare for compatibility. I am learning....but it is slow.

You will be able to watch it if you are a subscriber to Goddamn TV or you can watch it for a fee. I really love it although it is only a part of the finished Sonata which will be in widescreen. There will also be four or five movements with poetry and prose and even more lovely music.

I hope you like it.


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