Amazon in Lockdown

I have ordered my sparkly new digital pen three times now and each time the transaction has failed. I did hear that some products are not available and when this occurs, the transaction is cancelled. It may or may not be true but it means I can't do my animations.

I can do other things......I just don't want to.

I also bought a tiny gas mask from China to use on my avatar but that seems to be taking an age too. The reality of economic glitches is hitting home. It is all very well working from one's boudoir but if you can't get equipment your business will probably be compromised.

I am in the throes of setting up an empire through the medium of film at least which remains unaffected so least the cogs run smooth. Let's see what happens as the country, no, the world, turns at speed towards economic ruin.

Have a great day.

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