Animation and the Dominartist

I have discovered a new genre of work that has bowled me over.

Animation is not new of course but it is new to me.

I am now creating the Dominartist in animated forms as I attempt to distance myself from her physical form. The myth becomes even more mythological in nonhuman representation. In fact, the original concept for her was as a graphic novel so this is not totally unexpected.

The myth is not dependent on a body, and least of all mine, and the chanelling of her as a semi-pornographic sex worker has had untold problems for me as an individual. I have no need of my body to represent her although it was necessary up till now and may well be again especially for live performance.

I have fallen in love with the format and will be spending the following months in creative exstasy in my clunk click studio making the films.

My Onlyfans page is where I will put the work already done and also where I hope to interact with fans for the fan triggered videos that I am working on for the Wife and Dominart series.

Updates will follow.

Still from Dominartist™ by Pasha du Valentine

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