Art for Grown-Ups

I am awaiting approval from my new OnlyFans platform which will host all the films that Goddamn Media has made over the years. Readers will know by now that I am regularly censored across the internet and yet my work is so tame so I am always incensed.

Well, the beauty of OnlyFans is that I can be as grown up as I like. But remember, the Anti-Pornstar is all about the woman and her wellbeing as represented by the genre that is in everyone's home. And this is exactly why I am there.....because of its proliferation into the homes of nearly everyone I meet.

I will be uploading all my art prints too that get me thrown out of Facebook every month....low res to protect my copyright of course. (I already had to delete one account as I was remiss about my copyright protection.)

The book will also be available through OnlyFans of course.

I await with trepidation it's final edit.

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