Art Throb

I am so bored of copying photographs now.

I am also bored of people digitally enhancing photos and saying they made the image by hand.

Computers do everything now from watercolour to collage and the public are struggling to keep up with the lies. There are people all over Instagram pretending they are making things by hand when they are not.

Why should I care?

Because my job as a skilled drafts woman has been taken over by technology and now everyone can do it. It will be hard to get attention, yet again.

But now that everyone thinks they can draw, it has freed me up for the real job of an artist.

Making everyone question their reality, casting aspersions on policies and social mores and getting away with being an odd ball under the intellectual banner of being better than every other motherfucker on this Goddess forsaken mortal coil.

I am thoroughly bored of contemporary art and its slick smooth superimposed tomfoolery. It needs that rawness that comes with accident, experiment and naivety.

Three year-olds can make the slick stuff on mum's phone and then they can print it off for free! Fuckers.

Pass me paint and I will slave over an idea for weeks like the old days until I find a way to fuse an idea and an aesthetic. And the aesthetic needs to be something the copiers can't do or wouldn't do. There must be something in the mind of a madwoman worth sharing.

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