Ball Gowns and Breasts

As I ready myself for performing with my cello at weddings and art galleries, I am forced to consider ballgowns and breasts.

As a woman of healthy than average cup size, the boobs have caused a few issues over the last few months as my expertise has increased and I find myself using the whole of the fingerboard.

Just where I place the cell has been at issue, above, resting upon or below the heaving bosom?

Well, I seem to play much better with the cello beneath but now comes the question of the cleavage. As I have never been one to shy away from my body (my body is your battleground, not mine) I realise that heaving cleavage will be distracting and far too wobbly. Well, I am on the hunt for ball gowns to play cello in that are comfortable and glorious and sensual and dramatic, but also contain the womanhood satisfactorily.

Funnily enough, I was donated a wedding dress for the now-defunct due to pandemic Ecofam project and am considering it as an option. It will need dying, red maybe or black at least....and it is modest with a lace panel to protect the virginal dignity of the bride.

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