Banned from YouTube Already.

Damn and blat! I have upset YouTube already, only two days in to my new series, Sex With the Countess.

Funnily enough, it was not for one of my therapy shows but for 20 seconds of thigh....only thigh, from my Lipstick Pussy show.

The way they get around the issue of blurry lines is by saying that anything arousing is not allowed even if it is art.

I guess I need to rethink what goes up in the first 20 seconds of my trailers.

I am also blocked from sharing anything from my sites, this one and the radio shows at Spreaker, and my blogs.

The Goddesses are trying to tell me something.

I will still do my shows and upload to YouTube at the end of my jail time, 7 days...and we can watch them here or listen to the radio broadcasts.

Life goes on.

Here is the link to the Pussy Lipstick is vagina art, though there is no way YouTube would have known from the trailer!

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