Blog Content and Google

Google loves new content and the quickest most effective way of achieving it with lots of lush blog entries.

In an effort to get something fresh I advertised for bloggers this week and had three or four who said they were up for it.

A few who applied had no idea what they applying for and asked if was a paid position after I clearly explained it was not paid and was their page to promote their art.

A word of advice, If you are applying for something, read the details before getting touch with the MD.

(I blame Universal Credit and new government legislation as they insist that the unemployed apply for hundreds of jobs in a month. I also blame is so lazy, not like in my day of rock n roll.)

Anyway, I fired the new bloggers, who, after I gave them rights to the blog pages, didn't do anything. Nothing in life is free, not even my blog! You need to write stuff to be on it.

So my short cut to great content is flawed and I return, once again, to myself.

If you want a job doing.....yes, do it yourself.

Now for the bad news.

Google likes around a 1000 words in your blog entry.

PERLEASE.....who wants to ramble on that long?

My memoirs are possibly the only way forward.

I can make myself write 1000 words a day about how miserable and yet so wild and interesting my life has been.

Whether you would read them is neither here nor there, GOOGLE WILL.

I installed a word counter to check progress.

This article is falling well short of Google bot requirements but the checker has informed me that this article is suitable for 9th to 10th grade students.

I am on the fence about how to take that. Is it a criticism or market savvy?

I will add a picture, as advised by every pompous web designer I ever met, and pop the kettle on, somewhat disappointed in myself for not knowing what to talk about next.

When will it end, the constant treadmill.......?

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