Call for Artist Filmmakers

Goddamn Media is putting a project together for a film. I am looking for filmmakers worldwide to put footage to a story. I will edit and distance direct, although the instruction will be limited. So, for example, I will tell each filmmaker the overall tone/speed/style but let them run with their creative ideas. I would like a seperate writer for the film script as it would be more interesting. I will put a page together when I have enough people who want to work on this project. I would hope that the script would be split into sections and each contributor picks the part they would like to film, perhaps more than one scene depending on location and the interest overall. Feasibley, the project could involve 5 or 100 filmmakers. This is a zero budget project with a view to world wide distribution. All contributors would share copyright and revenue equally through Goddamn Media which is a pay per view platform for art film and cutting edge experimental film.

I would hope for a three month turnaround.

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