Call for Artists and Video Makers for Goddamn TV.

I am looking for video creators who have completed films and ongoing projects that I can host on my TV channels.

You will need to send me a copy of the film which I then host for you either on a guest show or your own stream. If you want to charge per view you decide on the fee and a 20 second trailer will appear on Youtube and Facebook GM accounts.

At the moment I want to charge a flat rate for the station of 50p per video for under £5 and £1 for anything over. I think that is fairer at the moment than a percentage, but I reserve the right to change my mind as I develop better trading and viewing practices.

I will send you weekly statements about your views and hits etc. Stats will be screenshots from my Wix account.

I am also happy for free to view videos in the spirit of creative sharing. This works really well for artists and performers who want to promote their work for example.

I am going to be a bit choosy about what I host as I am keen to promote an in house creative style for Goddamn Media.

I am interested in anything political, (no hate videos), anything sexual that is not run of the mill porn, especially alternative practices and feminist pornography), art house film and video, chat shows, live performance poetry and art, diaries of performers and creators etc.

If you are a movement or group of people with an agenda that would work to.

I will need the video and a cover for thumbs etc. I have limited time so I recommend that you put ALL contact details within the film itself. I can put a link on the replay to your other shows if required.

You can offer your film as a purchase or a rental and you can also have a channel subscription, same fee as above.

There is no outlay and fees are charged only on sales.

There will be a contract so we are covered and be assured that you retain all rights and can remove your film at will.

I do not commit to sharing your channel specifically but you will benefit from the social media that Goddamn Media already uses on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler etc.

Love and lenses, Pasha x

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