Calmly Does it

I find that I am working more than full time at the moment. Mostly, I am aware that these weeks without distraction will come to an end and I will be busy with the old ways of living before pandemic. Meeting friends and family and shopping for example.

For now though the output is remarkable and fuelled by so much new equipment that I seem unstoppable.

Mind you, I spend an awful lot of time figuring out how to do simple tasks on my Mac Pro.

Today I am dressing as a man, albeit a, rather feminine one. I attempt to fuse genders for a film for Wife TV and some stills for my book.

There will no doubt be a few sneak peeks here as I have been advised to whip up interest for Dominartist in advance of the launch. I can do that.....

Tonight I plan to rest with Champagne and languish in the boudoir with my Romeo, he is my cat of course.

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