Cello Dramas and A Tory MP

I went to collect my cello today with the new, experimental, hardwood and bone bridge.

Unfortunately, the experiment has failed as it whistled and sounded like a duck


I am somewhat devastated but will devote myself humbly to the acoustic all day tomorrow. I strayed, what folly, I return to the velvet tones and silk harmonies of my old lover.

My luthier seemed more upset than I and has promised a maple bridge post haste.

I met Caroline Dineage in her office in town and I liked her. I was surprised and fully expected not to. I would be nervous about running in opposition to her. She is self-assured and has a good business mind with a firm delivery. Plus she was humourous, a way to my heart and all its Labour vessels.

There appears to be Tory support for my orchestra and eco catwalk.

A funny old day.

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