I am working on my composition for a dance and film piece with an 87-year-old ballet dancer. The piece will possibly be slower than my recent dance tracks and incorporate more cello and piano, but I have no real idea of what will happen when I sit at the keyboard. I have an electric orchestra at my disposal. I will use ambient vocals too now that I have mastered post edit tuning and EQ on my software.

I also want to use some soundbites from living found sounds, evoking the story, but as yet, the story is not told. Anything can happen.

Later tonight I am off to the salon for a band jam. I am loath to take my laptop and cello as they will be vulnerable in the rock band boozey environment. I am taking my mini keyboard synth and drums and the electric cello which is the bane of my life. I will see if I can make anything decent but am not unduly worried. I should take an instruction manual for the keyboard as I am green and will be plugging into an Ableton interface which I am not familiar with.

I have no microphone so I won't take my looper.

I look at the sessions as a time to work on my improvisation skills, no music is wasted.

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