Coping With Anxiety and Information or lack of it.

I am not alone in finding it difficult to sleep at the moment and I share a common desire to have access to inforamtion around the Coronavirus.

But information comes in trickles which means the TV and mobile are on all day and have become background interference to my work. And yet information is slow and updates are staggared.

I seem to be wasting my life worrying about someing I cannot control.

Today I am refusing to put the TV on and disabling apps for social media. I can check during coffee breaks but I won't have BBC news running all day as I have had for the last week.

It may help, I will let you know. At least, if it harder to see bad news because I have to go into my office to see it, I am less likely to obsess.

That is the theory....I will let you know how it goes, it may make me feel worse of course.

We are all in danger of doing nothing but worrying for the next few weeks which is regrettable as I am filled with creativity, despite this horrendous imprisonment.

Let's make art today.....

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