Corporate ID

As readers are aware, I am working on a not for profit eco-project in June, after which, I hope to return to work. Nothing is written in stone, however, especially where health is concerned.

The project, Eco Chic, focuses on the possibilities of exciting fashion using eco-friendly and recycled materials.

I want the event to go well and already I find myself sucked in to the world of slickness and corporate identity. I want the show to be noticed and I want it to be slick. My dilemma being, can old and used be slick?

Imagine the difference between a fancy Mayfair interiors salon and an auction floor. Quite a difference. Same sass, same style, same pricetags even.

Today I am trying to resist the sleekness of corporate rape. Industries chipping away at communities, cultures, habitats, with humans and animals suffering for the slick lines of the showroom.

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