Dance Music and Lockdown

I had two glasses of bubbles yesterday and found my recording voice. They were small glasses rightly enough but they freed up some vocal patterns and I went for it. Unfortunately, I recorded them on the MacPro, as I was experimenting, but I worked out how to use the achingly expensive Zoom and am good to go. Funnily enough, it turns out that the lead that didn't work for the Sony cam does work for the Zoom. Never throw your leads away, remember .....?

I also wrote all the lyrics and Bubble Gum Baby is an amazing dance-pop song. Now for some cello of course before I release it to the world.

I have no desire to be a pop star of course but I am very keen to be a writer of hits. That, my friends, is where the money is.

Today is day two of the marathon cello experience. I was laying awake thing music and wonder why I did not feel such obsession for my music as a 7-year-old being forced to lessons with a bully of a teacher who hit my hands with a ruler. Actually, I remember her telling me, after an extremely high exam grade, that I would be performing soon. That was enough, I was painfully shy as a child and the worry of a public performance destroyed any future as a musician at that time.

How things change.

My piano is due next Wednesday and will aid me through the sleepless nights.

Now for the Benedetti Orchestra rehearsals.

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