Difficult times and isolation in the Corona months

It is hard to know what to carry on with and what to cancel in these Corona Times!

I will be carrying on with the Arts Lounge TV shows and as they overlap with Eco Chic Fashion I will proceed as planned.

The catwalk event will go ahead as it can be televised instead and as an outdoor event will tick some of the safety boxes.

I feel deeply for my friends at orchestra who look forward to playing in Southsea each week....we are all upset. And of course, the anxiety for older members or for family and friends will certainly have an effect on us all.

Planning ahead is the hardest thing.

The owner of the venue hosting the fashion show is held up abroad, one hopes she will make it home eventually.

I will be doing a keep fit video for the older fans of Goddamn TV....somewhat tongue in cheek (not literally, that is a different channel).

Interestingly, I have not been this busy for months and I suppose, as an artist with a TV facility, that will continue.

Live storytelling on Facebook too....as soon as I get around to setting it all up.

And I intend to film for Wife TV every day.

Now though.....cake at mums.

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