Do you have a story to tell?

I should say, do you have a story to read?

My dear friend and fellow musician sent me his story and I will be reciting it tonight in the wee small hours ready for a radio broadcast.

here is the first paragraph...I find myself stumbling on Mesopotamia in my practice just now.

'My parents, Francis Cyril Kightley and Maud Agnes Lacey, were married at Easter 1928 and moved into a quite nice terraced house in Garrick Road near Abington Park in Northampton. My father was a compositor, requiring an apprenticeship of seven years, which was interrupted by service in WW1. (He volunteered for service with the 30th Field Ambulance and was in the Middle East for a lot of the time, but got as far North as Mesopotamia.) Although he was a tradesman, he was not very well paid. Those are the most probable reasons for his being in his mid thirties at the time he married ‘the girl next door’ - literally. I think my mother took the opportunity to get out of the domestic life she was enduring at the time. My mother was put into tailoring when she was 13 and, although she hated the job, she did well in it and, subsequently, used her undoubted skill in making and mending the family’s clothes. And she taught me how to do basic sewing.........'

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And if you have a story of your life, please feel free to send it to me as I am practicing my intonation.

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