Dominartist™ Funding Update

I have completed my application and it has gone off like a brave college student to make its way in the world. I no longer have control, ironically.

It has been great just getting it together, even if it did keep me up for a few nights.

The project will be realised somehow and although I will not give up if I am rejected, I will persevere through other routes.

I won't be releasing any of the images or film rushes until the exhibition, which, if things materialise, will be later in the year. She is a big secret, it is all very hush hush, but there will be lots of PR and members of the Lounge will have access to limited edition prints and personal invites to the private view.

Fans of the Dominartist™, and specifically, the macro films, will be pleased to know that I am continuing to work with them today and will upload later. I will upload them also to my Fans Only page so catch up tonight for the links.

I am suffering a cold and am cautious about leaving the house which is great for my art!

Be safe in these frightening days.


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