Editing Causes Weight Loss and Loneliness.

Ok, I am being dramatic, but I am also telling the truth.

I lost half a stone editing my degree shows and you make no friends when your mind is on cuts and renders and you spent three months in a darkened room.

I recommend you stop every two hours and do something else. I have my cello at least.

But these times of incarceration have magnified my sense of solitude as I try to edit the book of Dominartist™ and My new GoPro films for the Anti-Pornstar.

The GoPro film editing suite on the app is a nightmare tale of being hunched over a phone and I was sorely tempted to buy a more professional film editing suite. But then I would need a new PC of course as these things use a lot of power. It is a neverending stream of expenses that become, at some point, all style and no content.

So I persevered into the wee small hours with my thumb on the Huawei screen for an hour so it wouldn't crash. Then it came, the thing of beauty that cost £1000 in equipment and an annual allowance of stress.

I am over the moon. This project is more than I could have hoped for.

Now though, I must finish the book for my first draft at least to show my mentors at Future's Venture.

My lead arrived as well as the beautiful mask now at the ready for the promotional shots. These will lure the public into a sense of security before I hit them with the visuals of feminine power they were not expecting, all in the name of groundbreaking art. Even my mother is excited and she will also be a critic as I use her as a litmus test before the first run.

The trouble with looking at your own work for three years is that you become such a part of it you have no idea of how it will sit. Sometimes I can be confusing, and that would never do.

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