Ethical Pornographers

I'm working at GMHQ later on some very cool film and photo stuff for my wonderful fans and site members. Sadly, I am not allowed to show you here (on Facebook) but I feel sure there would be approval. Articles I have written are being turned into audio books too! How exciting is that? Goddamn Media is proud to be the only site of its kind allowing ethical sensual art forms without censorship. We positively discriminate in favour of female filmmakers, transgender and feminist story lines. You get 75%of your fees after admin which is less than any other site of a similar nature. My own channels are doing well and I film ever day. I love my job and it is finally paying off. I can offer several packages to suit the occasional or regular filmmaker. You don't need any fancy kit or a degree, use your phone and an open mind. The future is ours, at last.

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