Ethical Pornography

The tide of free pornography swelled during lockdown. Pornhub offered all their videos for free including violent and hardcore footage.

This is from the Wikipedia page for Pornhub.

Incidents have been reported of Pornhub hosting non-consensual pornography.[12]The company has been criticised for slow or inadequate responses to some of these incidents, including the hosting of the high-profile channel Girls Do Porn, which was closed in 2019 following a lawsuit and charges of sex trafficking.[12][13][14][15]

In 2009, a 14-year-old girl was gang-raped at knifepoint and claims the videos were uploaded to Pornhub. The girl stated that she emailed Pornhub repeatedly over a period of six months, but received no reply. After she impersonated a lawyer, the videos were removed.[12]Another case in October 2019 involved a man who faces charges of lewd and lascivious battery of a 15-year-old girl, videos of which were discovered on Pornhub, Modelhub, Periscope and Snapchat that lead to his arrest.[38]TheUK based activist group Not Your Porn was founded by the friend of a woman whose cloud storage had been hacked, leading to the hacker posting sexually explicit photos and videos on Pornhub alongside her full name. Pornhub removed the video when reported, but clones of the video using her full name replicated faster than the videos were removed. The woman found that "the fractured communication system at Pornhub has meant this has become an increasingly excruciating process". The founder of Not Your Porn reported that fifty women contacted her over a six-month period about non-consensual online pornography featuring them, thirty of whom reported that the videos were uploaded to Pornhub.[12][39]

As an anti-porn activist working with erotica and art, I am starting a campaign for ethical pornography that does not do harm to women and children. But it starts with ethical viewers.

As clients and customers, we all have a responsibility to check that what we support has no negative impact on anyone. societies that perpetuate harm are doomed to intellectual failure. The damage to a generation of our children is seen in the way women are being treated in violent relationships. Sexism is perpetually fed with this diet of supposed fantasy scenarios. Societies like ours in the West censor films and restrict obscene publications and yet pornography runs riot with a huge audience that does not discern what it is watching.

I ask you, the viewer, to make conscientious decisions about what you are watching. You can make a choice. Being spoonfed increasingly unethical material that degenerates women and sexualises children, is harming us all.

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