Feminist Erotica by Pasha du Valentine

I am not alone in being a feminist using erotica and taboo sexual themes in my work and I come from a long line of female erotic artists determined to break moulds.

There are currently a few of us on Instagram and we are all sharing the experience of being censored almost daily as new censorship laws and a bowing to corporate advertisers stop our ability to show our work.

Nothing new there of course because much of the sensual arts have historically beed marginalised and shared in the private collections of wealthy males.

I have been banned from advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram this week.

Thank Goddess I have my website.

And thank Goddess I have balls!

Celebrating the sex worker I beaver (lol) away on my Porn Doilies and will continue against the odds to expose smut for what it is.....smut....a means to titillate us all because deep down desire is what makes us tick.

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