Foot Lovers

My feet now have an Instagram!

I have launched them into the social media stratosphere and am excited for there future.

They also have their own TV show.

I will be doing a bondage foot special this week and am excited about the lighting.

Who knew that feet would arouse these feelings of pride and self satisfaction in me?

Of course, it is all done with a modicum of humour as always.

There are a few videos up today that you may enjoy.

I am trying to work out the benefits of the app, not really sure what they are except that I can upload to the blog on my phone which is cool.

You can view the entries too and comment if you are a site member.

I am off to Portsmouth today which has a rep for being a proverbial dump, I will take some photos though as I am doing some framed prints of all the places I visit.

Have a great weekend folks.

Love and peace x

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