Free Rave and Mix Tapes from Berlin

I managed to pop a few of the free downloads up on the site and I will add new material ,as and when I can, to the new sound pages here at Goddamn Media. I say new, more like old, but I am also recording sound bites and scapes for filmmakers using my cello and keyboard and some vocals for game designers.

You can always request something. I once had to sit and play cello notes sandwiched in between some mattresses in a flat in Brighton for a musician I met at a party the day before. Yes, I felt used, but such is a musician's lot.

I have a massive archive of recordings from Goddamn Media including all our Friday night live gigs at the radio station and the BAC.

It is a massive job that sometimes I find daunting.

I have this fab link for you with some epic samples and beats as well as live performances for Berlin giants Electronic Beats.

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