Free Stories and Music Jam Sessions for Those in Quarantine

I wake up to terrible news every day these days.

Today it appears likely that the over 70s will be quarantined because of the virus.

This will impact me greatly as I have a lot of older friends. The head of our wonderful orchestra and some of the other members are in their prime and I wonder how they will cope without music?

I am thinking of ways to be helpful as impotence for me causes depression so I need to act fast myself.

I will be doing live storytelling each day at Goddamn Media, a short from some of our greatest literary people through history.

My live reading is not perfect, the cat will cry, I will need to drink tea, but it will be something to look forward to.

Links to follow when I have set it up and decided on the best time.

Also, I will be setting up live orchestral jam sessions.

I know you can have a live WhatsApp group of three and I will see if I can do more on Skype etc. Theoretically, as long as your internet connection is good, you can play live with other people.

Updates to follow.

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