Goddamn Horror Movie

I am making a horror film for submission to an exhibition coming up for Halloween.

I have not decided what to do yet but I think it should star the Dominartist.

I am neglecting the blog as my business has been raging this weekend due to pay day.

Lots of amazing stock in the eBay shop again today and on Thursday I start the first of 50 budget auctions of art from my studio.

Lots of animal art but also lots of original tee shirt designs from the Goddamn Media archives can be yours for a steal.

In other news, I am in London on Saturday for an audition for a large TV station.

Top secret I am afraid but if I get through, I film in September and guess it will be shown early next year so all will be revealed then. One thing for sure, it isn't Judge Rinder or Come Dine as I already did those!

If I don't get through I can get back to my empire building closer to home!

The adult pages on the Goddamn site are now member's only in order not to offend people visiting the GoGa for poodle portraits.

There is room for all tastes at the GoGa and art can occasionally offend. I recommend bravery at all times.

Now I need to buy fake blood for my horror movie.


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