Goddamn Stop Motion

I just downloaded my stop motion software for the Dominartist™ project which will fuse real footage, 3d modelling and hand-drawn and photo animations.

I find that when there is something I don't want o draw, or something I am not feeling connected with in a photograph, I look around for another way to say it, to live it, to be it maybe. I am enjoying the exploration of possibilities and yet similarly learning about their limitations.

This fusion in art with its endless possibilities is spilling over into the other film projects too.

The problem with making films alone of course, is that the project can start to look stilted. One angle, one model, one system of production. When you start to use alternative methods, especially when making those all too glorious mistakes, the action occurs.

I have also ordered a remote control for my phone which is important for the upcoming projects. It was an Ebay bargain.....I wait with bated breath, no one likes to waste £2.95.

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