GoPro - ing Insane

Updated: May 16

I wasted a second day trying to edit my GoPro footage.

The app is extremely unstable and constantly crashes. I wonder if it was a mistake buying it.

At least I can use it for stills, it is the moving images that are causing me such grief.

I bought a mask for a photo shoot for the promo shots for the book of Dominartist™ and decorated it with my bits box, no holds barred. It is quite heavy but more stable than expected. It looks great but hard to see the detailed skulls so I will share more tomorrow.

I can't tell you how much I learned today for the online orchestral sessions. It brings it home how much a teacher can do and I regret that I have never had a cello lesson in my life. I may start some with a professional if I can do online ones. My playing standard has rocketed this week.

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