Grants and Funding

I am so busy this week with filling in forms for grant and funding applications.

There is little time for blogging so I apologise to new members for not sharing the excitement.

I will share the details of the new projects shortly but for the moment, here is a rundown of my year ahead.

I am actively seeking funding for the Dominartist Exhibition which will hopefully happen late summer.

The book will be finished by March and may go to publish then, certainly, it will be available in hard copy at the exhibition.

The launch of the Greening Campaign here in Gosport and at the Marina will be headed by

myself and sponsored by Goddamn Media.

I am celebrating with a fashion extravaganza in early June.

Finally, I am seeking government funding and corporate sponsorship for the Ecofam Orchestra which is made entirely of recycled or ethically sourced instruments. I hope to take the orchestra on a Christmas tour around the UK.

Expect lots of images and commentary as I start this wonderful journey. There will be a lot environmental art and design too, available in the print shop and on our merchandise.

Get in touch for commissions or to discuss any of the projects listed.

All the best,

Pasha x

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