I am happiness

Red and Gold

A sight to behold

A celebration 

Dripping velvet trimmed in sequins glinting

I am summer's sun and autumn's breeze

I am happiness

I am a cat


Brushing its whiskers across your soul

Asking for love that only you can give

I am happiness

I am that first time

First drug

First touch

First high before the low

A buzz lost in time

A summit climbed

Inside your mind

I am happiness

I am memories

Dipped in toffee fudge nostalgia 


In a past that marked your being there

You really were

I am happiness

I am sickness gone

Cancer cured





A renaissance dream

I am Happiness

I am purpose


Filled with future’s hope

Success about to happen 

A breaking Mould

A story not yet told

I am happiness

I am real

For you

Invisible yet true

I will take you on 

My disciple

My protégé

An unsung heroine

And we will basque at last

Together in the strobes of light

That mark your life

©  2019 Pasha du Valentine / Goddamn Media

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