Holidays are coming!

I am just about to start today's short story which has literally been burning a hole in my head all night.

Officially Goddamn Media is closed for the holidays, at least the gallery is. The books are still being written and the radio station is alive and well so expect all sorts of lovely audiobooks right through the Christmas period.

Goddamn Granny is my live diary about consumer issues and the life and times of the mature lady. I am focusing on fashion this week. The shows are also available through YouTube for the time being.

I am keen to find other contributors for the TV channels so if you are a budding filmmaker or have friends who are using the medium in an unusual or interesting way, please spread the word.

My Blog is attracting a lot of attention particularly in the USA so I would like to welcome everyone from across the oceans.

Have a great day,

Pasha du Valentine

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