Hopes and Dreams for Sale, Capitalist Sexism and Racism is Everywhere

I rolled over to check my various e-messages and social media updates only to fall victim to those awful algorithms that are seemingly on repeat. The world is of course desperate to return to normal and it appears that the 'c' words are everywhere; consumerism and capitalism, it's lil brother.

I personally blame all the world's ills on that family. I see capitalist sexism and racism all around me, hidden in institutionalized greed.

I want to step out of it. I don't want to wake up to sales pitches or a barrage of trashy adverts and clickbait. I want beauty and depth but it is drowning in a post lockdown groundhog day where nothing changed. I thought we would get along now, that things would be different, that the trial separation would work. But things got worse. And women and BAME people suffered. Mark my words, they will keep us down in the post COVID world. Hello, cheap labour my old adversary.

The arts are dead! Venues (which were closing down anyway if you recall after Government policy over live gigs and noise) have all suffered over the last few months. Big and small, many will never re-open. The problem with arts venues is that there is never money in the kitty, and survival, even when it is healthy, depends on consistently well-attended events. Art is not property investment, it needs to be 'arty' every week. You can't park art till the market picks up.

I am rejecting capitalism in favour of self-growth and development.

The chance of tapping into funding is slim as my fellow artists all clamour for the scraps in the funding pot. There is not enough to go round.

And so I will consider a long term plan-making art and music for my portfolio, which will be a valuable asset when I am an old lady. I have learned that I can reap rewards all through my life. Success and pleasure are not the rights of the young. I will appreciate selling my work at any age. My ninety-year-old self will be very happy when I finally sell the rights!

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