Starlit dim, that sliver of light, it slices sharp through vacuum emptiness. I could turn away, allow darkness to win me, Or wonder at its dance, its promise it's lifeline of hope. Some mornings I wake and my creative spark is on fire, other times my head is firmly in neutral. Today was one of those days. I like to ease myself into a day before my morning meditations and prayer, with some easy music, a cup of tea and a lazy scroll through some social media, in the hope something will catch my eye - be it some art, a silly clip, something thought provoking or in the case of today: I ladies heartfelt post in a group I am a member of. She also writes and had shared a poem expressing her hurt, in the hope of feedback from it ... but it got me thinking thus: People deal with things in so many ways, each as individually as ourselves. We each reach out in ways which may never be apparent, in the hope that a lifeline of hope is thrown our way ... and at times we sink a little deeper into isolation. Anyway - I figured I would share my thought process on this one.

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