Keeping sane in lockdown

Amazingly I feel that I have kept my senses about me during the previous two week's lockdown.

The rest of the world though appears to be losing its collective mind.

Perhaps because our PM Boris Johnston was taken into hospital last night and it hit home that they need to stay in or risk more deaths. I woke up worrying about our Boris, despite my lefty ways, and I wish him a safe and speedy recovery. He may be a Tory, but he is our Tory.

I have had to come off all social media for a while as the non-thinking man (and even women) charge headlong into pandemic insanity. They speak rubbish from morning till night!

For details, listen to the podcasts.

The pandemic will pass, this is not Armageddon. The Chinese are back to work and Italy and Spain have peaked. There will be an end and most of us will be here still. This is not Spanish flu and science has come a long way. And as for economic suicide, well I am doing very well in terms of downloads so my market remains untouched by the pessimism.

Filming is full steam ahead today at Goddamn HQ and I will be working with my new software later so expect a speedy production for Wife TV.

Onward and upward!

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