Let us be clear, I absolutely, without question, unashamedly and proudly, do not fear your God.

I have thrown myself into writing and playing my cello and have to tell you that getting rid of my social media apps has paid dividends.

I am sharing my short stories on the relevant platforms, but no chatting and no entertaining. No more endless sharing of pointless news reportage and funny memes.

I do have to log on once a day to check messages on Marketplace, which is a bit like eBay for paupers who sell their old tat for dollar.

I list a few items each week from the gallery with no expectations but intent on keeping the brand alive whilst I write.

I had listed some beautiful religious cards and received a private message stating that blessed items should be given away not sold.

I was incensed.

There is something about religious poppycock that really winds me up.

I may have called her a cunt.

There were expletives meant from my heart.

The bitch, a religious zealot after a freeby, warned that I would be struck down by God's almighty hand.

I was even more incensed and told her I was a trained Sangoma and would be making an effigy of her post-haste.

These people are idiots. And I might put the blessed cards up again and say the Pope has kissed them. These fools believe anything!

Just another reason not to go on Facebook, as if I need more.

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