Lights Cameras Action

I have set up an old Sony semi-pro camera to take some footage in front of a green screen of the Dominartist flying. It feels odd to be using tapes again. I am very interested to see the results later today which will be used for the final images for the Book of Dominart. There is a lot of experimentation going on this week as I try desperately to get the shots I want.

A full makeup day ahead then as I take hours to get in character. The first thing is to turn off all comms. Mum, my brother or some friends could message and I will drop everything because I think I missing something exciting if I don't answer them. Then there is the grinding temptation to check what is happening via news and Twitter. I will find endless excuses to check my phone.

So it is a phone off day till I get the shots I need.

I can't sleep at the moment in anticipation of my new GoPro and my new Stella MacArtney boots....which were supposed to be in the new footage but have been delayed in the post due to Covid-19.

I will share the results of the Sony later.....if it gives me good footage I am bringing it out of retirement because there is no such thing as too many cameras.

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