Lockdown Mondays and Pooping Wives

It is odd that I still feel a Monday malaise during lockdown. I assume that Monday feeling must have been so entrenched through generations that it is now part of our DNA.

I made a film for wife this morning.

I am interested that so many many women fear people, especially men, hearing them poop. Some women are so shamed by the pooping sounds that they won't even do it in front of their partners.

Women should never feel shamed in doing the most basic of human actions so I recorded mine today for Wife TV.

Tomorrow I think I will focus on a POV video for husbands as I am intrigued about its popularity, especially in pornography.

The videos will be made into a feature later in the year and I will order the footage from most to least viewed.

My new animation tools for Dominartist should be here by Wednesday and I will commit to buying my book formatting software this week too....I am delaying it in order to get some advice from my mentors at Future's Venture.

Photo below is my band member and friend Lila.....

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