Make Money Selling Your Films With No Outlay

I am just about to have my bath and do my show for the Countess of Brighton and Hackney.

I used to do the daily diaries as a radio show but recently decided to do them as films.

Preparation for the bath films is practically zero. I don't have to do make up or look great and the camera work is really simple as it points at my feet.

Really, the diaries are an indepth look at my life and I a confident they will be studied in future universities.

I have subscribers to my shows across various channels so I know the footage is being watched as I make them too.

If you have a vlog or some other film work that you would like to get out in the big wide world, I am happy to host other directors here at Goddamn too.

Apart from the obvious earning potential, having your work seen is uplifting.

Message me for more details.

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