Marvel ous! And other updates.

For collectors of modern comics, I secured stock today of a large consignment of Marvel comics for the de la Mare department and a collection of Men Only mags.

Any that do not find buyers will be turned into contemporary art in the name of recycling of course.

I also secured a collection of rather quaint pen and inks and watercolours by a schoolboy circa the 1950s.

If you are here to follow my work, I have news.

I am to meet a couple of mentors on Thursday in regard to my Dominartist exhibition proposal. What this means for me is that I have advice about putting on the show and possibly supporters to guide me through the application process. The exhibition looks possible.

My new mentors are experienced in the field of the arts and familiar with multimedia exhibitions so I feel positive that I am to learn a lot over the coming weeks as I fine-tune my ideas.

I have privatised my personal Instagram account as a final push towards privacy, and am still considering if Facebook is worth the drama. I have blocked two stalkers today on Marketplace, which, for those who are unaware, is where I promote the De la Mare Investment Collection of affordable arts. I wonder if there is a future there? It may be time to remove my profile images.

I am off to London on Thursday but I anticipate a lot of running around as I have an event at London College of Fashion and a hook up at the Groucho.

I love these boots but they have been reserved to evenings that no longer require movent other that a trip to the ladies.

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