Message from Filth Brighton

They've blocked me again Can you please share this A message from Skye and @filth Let's talk about Filth baby... Over the last week I have been banned over and over again from my business pages on our main promotional platform. Someone has targeted my events and is trying to shut us down... I won't let this happen. Filth has been going strong for almost 4 years and we won't be stopped that easily. But we need your help THIS month for our November Dystopia themed event on the 15th ***BUY YOUR TICKETS: THEY ARE AT EARLYBIRD PRICES RIGHT NOW ***INVITE YOUR FRIENDS ***SPREAD THE WORD ***BE NICE TO ANY OF OUR TEAM YOU SEE OR SPEAK TOO. MY MENTAL HEALTH HAS BEEN SHAKEN TO SAY THE LEAST AND WE ARE GOING TO BE FEELING THE STRAIN THIS MONTH ***KEEP SHOWING UP, KEEP PLAYING HARD, KEEP LOOKING AMAZING, KEEP BEING YOU, KEEP BEING FILTHY AND REFUSING TO BE SHAMED FOR IT... UNLESS YOU ARE INTO THAT SORT OF THING ;) ***COME AND PARTY LIKE IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD Tickets and event details via this link:

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