Mission Statement for Goddamn Gorgeous

Goddamn Gorgeous

Goddamn Gorgeous TV is our brand new visionary creative female driven platform for  alternative video artists.

To show your work here you will need apply via the contact page here. You decide your fee for viewers and pay an admin fee of 22% as and when you receive payments from fans and viewers.

You can also subscribe and have your own channel with your own logo and blog writing section on our magazine which shares women's writing and images and promotes activities beyond the Goddamn Media platform. Subscribe to the site as a director  and magazine contributor here.

NB we are a community of women directors and pornography film makers and women artists working with erotica. All footage must be accompanied by a model release document (or confirmation that the person filmed is yourself) and you will be asked to confirm your gender with proof of ID before you have access to site privileges. We are also an ethical porn site with a commitment to ethical practices of consent, age appropriate and legal practices.

Goddamn Gorgeous is part of Goddamn Media and has a proven track record of fairness and good business practice.

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