Morning Coffee From Quarantine Heights

I am slowly acclimatising myself to this mew Mac Pro laptop with its all singing and dancing ways. I has taken many days to notice it has a spell check right here on the keyboard IN FRONT OF MY VERY EYES! How it took two weeks to notice is surely testament to my age related vision impairment, or just to my age generally. It appears, thus far, a useful aid.

Today the new A3 printer is arriving but I will resist playing around with it until I have edited the book. I am liable to be confused and then distracted, and finally frustrated, we all know what that means for the smooth functioning of life.

In other news, as I am not spending money but seem to be earning it without great effort (I even sold a canvas over the weekend) I have money to burn. I splashed out on pyjamas and slippers, the new sexy jailbird attire during pandemic lockdown. What great shame that excitement is now over fluffy footwear.

We should note that the governments' grants and widening benefits schemes, coupled with our disabling of shopping rights, will mean that people will have money to spend after lockdown. This will give a little kickstart to the economy, one hopes. So I will be ready with the print shop and will re release the entire catalogue....people love the animals especially, and the erotica too has a following.

I had cleared 8 giant laundry bags of clothes from the Ecofam project yesterday and a wonderful lady who works with a domestic abuse charity came to collect the lot. The clothes will go directly to the women who are fleeing violence in the Portsmouth area and it made me so happy that these clothes would help them. There were well over 200 items and all were amazing quality. I did warn her that some of the items were a bit 'weird' as I had included some of my own outfits that I had been clinging on to for no good reason. The lady looked pleased rather than forlorn and I hope the sci-fi silver catsuit can cheer someone up who has found the strength to leave an abusive partner.

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