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Youtube is of course the biggest platform for videos that are not age restricted, but despite having had a channel for over a decade, I probably only made a few dollars from advertising revenue.

Revenue is important for me as an artist because I need it to pay for the continuation of my work. Hence I am looking for ways to generate some income, albeit a small amount to cover things like my website hosting.

So I offer films here on the site pay per view of the work I do each week. Sometimes I pop up diary style and how to videos in case they get any interest but as these are free on Youtube they really don't offer much hope.

I occasionally get a subscriber at Goddamn TV and today I am wondering what I can do to make it a more interesting channel for visitors. As my music equipment is starting to arrive, thanks to my generous funding from Future's Venture, I have decided to focus on music production at Goddamn TV.

I will be sharing my musical development and growth as I work with Audio Soup (the band) and also work towards my solo album later in the year.

And there will also be lots of downloads available for creators who need ambient music or film music etc.

My funding covers my PRS membership too, which I have never had in all these years so I am very excited.

Later I am collecting my midi keyboard so that will be the first show for Goddamn TV in the Goddamn Music sections on the site.

Stay alive, life is good and it will get better,

Pasha x

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