Music and Adventures

I met up today with the head of the music department at St Vincent College today which is in Gosport and a 2-minute bike ride from the Eco Chic venue.

I also met Harry who is the main man for the project Eco Chic. Harry will not be doing everything but he got the job of being my go-between for the project; some accolade for a student and I suspect he will amaze me with the soundtrack and level of professionalism and technical wizardry which he will bestow upon proceedings.

The students will also be DJs for the few hours we have in the sun on June 20th 2020.

I like leaving it to the bright young things.

Harry hardly cracked a smile when I told him about the crane fly wedding dress.

They will be recording some of my cello too.....which excites me greatly!

And talking of, don't get me started. (I will save it for the court case, and a single blog entry cataloguing the destruction of my instrument by Kouga Guitars.)

Back on track then tomorrow with art and all things preferable to disappointment. It is the weekend already but I am armed with a sewing machine and a pair of pinking sheers....move aside!

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