Music and Mayhem in Bristol Road

Goddamn Media has always had a great link with music.

The days of Brighton Arts Club and Goddamn Radio were filled with live bands and musical extravaganzas.

Today I am less involved in radio, other than the odd podcast, although I still have a recording studio in my house.

But today, having spent and average of five hours a day practising the cello, I feel the start of something new.

I am involved in the small orchestra and a band and we are planning on busking soon.

My band mate and I have worked tirelessly on our cover songs, and despite the naffness of cover bands, I feel proud at the work we have done.

It is no mean feat, performing a song you didn't write!

Tomorrow I will record a rehearsal and share it with the world.

We are safe with some backing tracks so how bad can we sound?

My fingers are raw from steel strings and my feet hurt from being in poised position to play.

But this marks a new wave of collaboration and production and I will resurrect ArtThob from the crypt.

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