Music Loops by Pasha

I am trying to think of a catchy name for my loops, Loopy Pasha seems far too obvious though the most appropriate of course.

The loops will be a mix of digital and acoustic sounds useable for filmmakers and performers and purchasers will be obliged to reference me or GM in their credits. The downloads will be around 99p.

I will also be offering vocal sound effects etc for game designers at similar prices.

For more bespoke requirements I will offer a unique recording for under a great British tenner. My recording facilities are now second to none and include an accidentally perfect recording space in my four-poster bed! The cushioning and curtaining really make for excellent vocal recording. Of course, the bed is not available to singers, they will get to use the pod instead in the studio.

I wait patiently for my new GoPro which will be used now for Wife TV and for our band's (Audio Soup) live recordings every Saturday which will start after lockdown

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